Monday, September 26, 2016

New Rap God Found! Forget Eminem ! Song: PPAP

Watch this awesome Rap song by new RapGod. This song is so additive that it gets stuck on your head for a long time. Enjoy The Video.

Remix Chipmunk Version

This "Awesome" song is created by Singer Song-Writer Piko-Taro. People claim him to be real life version of Borsalino of One Piece.

Piko-Taro is actually a character created up by DJ Kosaka Daimaou, A comedian. Kosaka first introduced the character in stand up performances, but it became so popular that he decided to take it further. 
This is how he actually looks.

This song makes no sense yet it somehow manages to get stuck on your head. Here is the Lyrics of the song:

I have a pen. I have a Apple

Uh! Apple-pen!

I have a pen. I have Pineapple

Uh! Pineapple-pen!

Apple-pen, Pineapple-pen. Uh!



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