Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top 10 WTF Yahoo Questions!

Yahoo Answers has been a wonderful platform to get answers to your quests to. In this post we are going to browse through some of the most hilarious and dumb questions asked on Yahoo Answers that will make you go WTF? Here are the lists. Enjoy Likie my previous post on Dumb tweets, No description needed.

1. Eating own Poop!

 2.Turning off the CAPS LOCK!

 3. Safely looking at "Sun.jpg"!

 4. Blacks aren't Regular people.

5. School Penis Inspection Day! Yeah, we all remember.

6. Mas*******ng with Dog.

7. INDIA! Where Gravity oesn't Exist!

8. Jesus Reborn. Hallelujah!

 9. Best way to find out cheating Partner. Smell Fart!

10. Gay Pill!

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